Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

They said, “It’s okay to dream.”
So, we allow ourselves to drown
in our own paradise
and dream the things
we do not have in life.


Isn’t that actually the worst?
Dreaming means that we’re constantly
being reminded of the things
we do not have…
Of the things we wish we had.

It recently occurred to me how a person’s perception on things could strongly affect the way they live their lives. How you perceive situations and issues triggers how you will react to it, right? We choose whether we stay positive or be affected negatively by things that happen around us. It’s hard to stay positive at this point in time but I personally try my hardest to stay optimistic. Not because I want to delude myself that everything is fine but because I believe that there’s always a good side on every situation where I can put my focus on. Staying positive–it’s kind of a gift to myself, you know.

I hope you all have a great day!