Academic Dilemma During Pandemic

Hi! I decided on yesterday’s blog post that I will be sharing life updates and how things have been changing my life during this pandemic. Some people might be experiencing the same things as me and I think I really need to write about these just to get it out of my head.

I’ll start from the beginning for my stuck in quarantine diary.

Last March 2020, I was just an ordinary stressed law student who was preparing for her midterm exams but then lockdowns were imposed and physical classes were cancelled. Our school opted to continue some school activities online which wasn’t really helpful, to be honest. No one was ready. That semester flew like a blur. One day, we were preparing for our exams, the next… nothing. Our professors, gave us some tasks and notes to read, but that was it, then suddenly comes our first and last exams for the semester. Ha. I’m worried that I haven’t learned much during that semester. I have to make it up by reading books on those subjects.

By August, we’ll be having a new school year (2020-2021) but I’m still debating on whether or not I will be enrolling for this upcoming semester. I’m not really sure about taking online classes.

I’m taking all the pros and cons of enrolling next semester. It may not be a serious problem for others, but it is a big deal for me.

Before you judge me for my reasons, please be reminded that everyone has different ways to learn and ways to cope on this new academic situation.

There are three things that prevent me from going on board with the next semester.

First, the semester will be online classes, however, the cost of the semester is pretty much the same with a normal semester. Our uni decided to give discounts but unsurprisingly, these discounts don’t even make a dent to our tuition fees. I mean, we are not even gonna use the school facility… why are we paying for library fees and such? I have a student mindset, so I wouldn’t understand the school’s thinking on this.

Second, I’m not good at online classes. Some people may argue that I’m just being petty and lazy but no. I’m that kind of student who has to go out of her room to study. I’m that kind of student who gets distracted easily. There is a reason why I prefer studying at the library. It’s because I’m forced to study there.

There is an obvious difference on classes where you and your teacher are in a classroom and to a online class where you’re just staring at your computer screen. The latter is a deal breaker for me.

Lastly, I’m bad at self-learning… which you are forced to do so if you have online classes. Sorry but it’s true. I will be paying my tuition fee just to be given an outline of topics to read without them being thoroughly discussed by my professor? Um, I think I’d pass on that ineffective mode of learning?

I have also scanned our course checklist and I really need help on the subjects we will be taking for next semester. I can’t interpret them on my own.

But like I said, I’m not 100% turning my back on this upcoming semester. I have one reason big enough to make me consider enrolling.

I don’t want to be delayed on my subjects. If I skip this semester, I’m automatically delayed for one semester. I’m an incoming 3rd year law student this new school year… is it the time to skip one semester?

But then again, what if I fail my classes because I can’t fully focus or adjust to this situation? If I try and fail, I will be wasting a huge amount of money for my tuition fees.

You see, I’m in a bind. Ha. Even when I’m trying to organize my thoughts on this, I still keep going in circles.

The only thing that would make me finally decide on my dilemma is when I get to know the concrete plans of our uni when it comes to this flexible learning. Unfortunately, I think I will have to wait for a month before their announcement. I hate my uni sometimes for these late announcements.

I’m curious on how other students deal with this situation. I’m sure there are a lot of us who share this dilemma.

I hope you have a good day, wherever you are!