To The Girl Who Can’t Leave

Photo by Yaro Felix Mayans Verfurth on Unsplash

Maybe you shouldn’t stay… Maybe you should think one more time before you stay. You thought things would change after a week or a month but it has been a year.

And still, nothing changed.

Nothing except for your faith. Your faith with love slowly fades away. But with your stubborn mind, you kept on holding on.

Why do you stubbornly hold on?

There’s a thin line between a love worth fighting for and a love worth letting go. It was a mistake fighting for that love and you know it. You have loved and loved and loved. Yet you haven’t felt loved. No one has dared to reciprocate all the love you gave. Not even for a bit. Every man you’ve surrendered into took a piece of you and ran away.

You looked in the mirror and gasped. You ran your hands through the torn pieces of yourself. For you have never noticed—no, for you have refused to notice the stolen parts of your soul. You held back the unshed tears and forced a smile. This is how you deal with all the pain.

Now, you wonder about this new found love of yours… scared of the thought that it might just be another toxic love that’s gonna burn you alive. You live in fear but you are too in love to leave.

Too in love to run away.

Think twice before you stay, darling.

You owe it to yourself.