The Best Era of Taylor Swift?

I am not a full-on Swiftie. I don’t hype Taylor as much as I do with Demi Lovato and my K-pop idols. I don’t follow her latest news. I don’t know what her favorite stuff are, you know, the usual info about celebrities that fans have carved into their brains. But one thing is for sure and I can say this for a million times—I am a sucker for Taylor Swift’s music!

There isn’t a time that I listened to music without a Taylor Swift song. There’s always gotta be at least one Taylor Swift song in my playlist.

Photograph: Beth Garrabrant

As you might have already heard, Taylor had a surprise release of her 8th album Folklore. The album gives off a different and more mature musical style and writing than her recent releases but this album definitely screams Taylor Swift!

When it comes to lyric writing, you just gotta admit… it’s never a matter of personally liking her or not—Taylor is one of the best lyricists out there. Her lyric writing is what I live for.

Listening to her songs for a decade now, the experience is such a rollercoaster ride. You get the highs and lows of her life through her music. It feels like you are growing up along with her sense of musicality and writing.

I believe that Taylor has nothing to prove to anyone, anymore. I mean, not that my opinion matters… I’m just an ordinary music listener who admires her talent and skills. Her writing… Oh, I could never.

I’m still hung up on her album Lover, and now we are gifted with a new marvelous album. Seriously. But who’s complaining? Definitely, not me!

I’m still debating whether I love Folklore more than the classic 1989 album. Hmmm. Why does her albums keep getting better and better?!

Well, she’s Taylor Swift. Who could do better than Taylor Swift but Taylor Swift herself, right? This might be the one of the best eras of Taylor Swift if not the best.

Photograph: Beth Garrabrant

Here are some of my favorite lines from Taylor’s new album, Folklore! One of the best things that ever happened in this rollercoaster ride called 2020. You better listen to the album now on iTunes or Spotify, or anywhere available. Don’t miss it!

the 1


the last great american dynasty


my tears ricochet




this is me trying

illicit affairs

invisible string

mad woman





Are you a new Taylor Swift fan? Well, it’s never too late to revisit her previous records!