Free Weekly Planner | 5 Floral Designs

I hope you enjoy this weekly planner with a total of five different floral designs!

I’ve used the blue design before for my weekly school tasks. I imported an image / jpeg version into OneNote and used it to schedule my tasks. Like I said before, I do make and use my own personalized planners and calendars although they’re not the best. Haha. I made some extra designs to share with you!

You can download these Weekly Planners for free here:

monday start
sunday start

You can also make your own planners for free using Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages for Mac users, and if you want cool backgrounds and stickers (like with the above planners), you can try making planners in Canva! They have a lot of free planner templates in Canva that you can use and edit for personal use. I highly recommend you check them out!