2021 Landscape Yearly Calendars

Hi lovelies!

Check out my own customized 2021 yearly calendar printables!

As of December 29, 2020, I have made two versions of 2021 calendars!

twenty twenty-one version
-2021- version

Note: All of the calendars found in this post starts at Sunday! These printable calendars are for free and for personal use only.

Check them out below for more info and for their respective download links!


This twenty twenty-one version is available in seven different colours plus a No Colour version, too.

Click this link to download the twenty twenty-one version!

Personal preference…

I know there’s a debate on how to pronounce years. As you can see, I wrote “twenty-twenty-one” instead of twenty twenty-one or two thousand and twenty-one. Please know that this was more of a personal choice. Haha. I preferred twenty twenty-one (stylized as twenty-twenty-one, yes, with dashes in between every word) for this particular calendar. I hope you understand. Thanks!


This is version 2 of my customized 2021 landscape calendars!

This simple version includes a total of five different colors plus a no colour version.

Click this link to download the -2021- calendar version!

Let me ask you before you go!

What do you guys think of my personalized calendars? I promise to make them better next time! 🙂

I will continue making and updating this post for more landscape calendar edits!