‘hello january’ desktop + mobile wallpapers

Hi everyone!

Hello January!

I created some simple desktop wallpapers with matching mobile lockscreens!

I currently have only two versions of this wallpaper. I plan to create more versions.

I hope you like and use these wallpapers! Thank you!

Moving forward, I will be posting the other months’ version every 1st of the month. Haha. It was just something that I thought of. 🙂

Note: These wallpapers are free and for personal use only. Thank you!

Version 1 has 6 colours available, and I made sure to create matching mobile lockscreens!

Download hello january V1!

This is a very simple design for minimalists out there!

Version 2 has a different design with 5 different colours available. Of course, it also has matching mobile wallpapers!

Download hello january V2!

I hope you like these desktop and mobile wallpapers. I will try to create more designs! Please share with your friends, too!

In summary, you can download these wallpapers in the links below!

hello january desktop + mobile wallpapers V1

hello january desktop + mobile wallpapers V2

Updated on January 10, 2021.

Let me ask you before you go!

I’m looking for some inspiration in making wallpapers. Do you have any suggestions in mind? Feel free to share your thoughts!